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Treasures from Jennifer

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These 1-inch (2.5cm) coins, with pegs, fit into the Treasures from Jennifer Hundred Frames. Each set includes 100 multiplication coins total. 

Some ideas for play:

  • Each row shows the number as it skip counts up until a multiple of ten.
  • You can use these coins to create the multiplication chart and then use it for practicing multiplication and division. What is 3 times 5? Place one finger on the 3 at the top of the chart and five at the side. Then follow the row/column towards the middle of the board until your fingers meet and that's the answer!
  • Reverse for division by starting with the larger number. What is 63 divided by 7? In the 7 column, find the coin for 63 and which row is it on? That's your answer to 63 divided by 7!
  • Remove certain numbers from the board and ask your child what's missing? Then they replace the coins to finish the board.
  • Use a row of color all on its own on the board along with wood or wool balls to show the multiples of each number.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD- Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

NOTE: This listing is for the coins only and does not include a board. The Hundred Boards are available separately in the shop. 

Color is printed directly onto the coins (no paint or stickers). Sometimes it takes a couple days outside the packet for any residual ink smell to dissipate.