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Soft Georgette silk drapes from a silk garland adorned with matching ribbons. Hand painted rainbow on a lavender garland (Rainbow) or a sunshine silk on a sunshine yellow Garland (Desert).

28" long and 24" wide flowing silk cascading down from a 18" stretchy garland. Fits all ages.

Silk Veils are a perfect open-ended toy! Pretend to be:

  • princesses
  • brides
  • genies
  • birds
  • ghosts
  • and more!

        Care Instructions:

        Hand-wash with mild shampoo or dish soap and warm water. Hang dry and iron on medium to restore shine.

        Sustainably made: Playsilks are dyed with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes and have been safety tested for children ages 3+.

        Age: 3+