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Collect the most jewels for your unicorn's treasure chest in this magical colour guessing game

  • Guess the colour of the jewels before turning the cards over
  • Develop colour recognition skills
  • Perfect travel game
  • Small, compact and portable

    Who will collect the most gems in this magical colour guessing game?

    Spin the spinner and choose a matching Sun, Moon or Star. Before you can add the gems to your unicorns treasure chest it's time to get guessing! What colour will the gems be? If a player guesses correctly the gems are theirs to keep, but if they're incorrect they'll have to return the card to the table. The player with the most gems in their treasure chest at the end of the game wins!

    Suitable for 2 - 4 players.


    • 4 unicorn playing boards
    • 18 cards
    • 1 spinner

    Ages: 3+