Hape | Mix and Bake Blender


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Can't wait to grow up and become real baker? Then practice makes perfect, and with the Mix &Bake Blender, children can pretend to bake using their own flour &sugar packets, bowl and a blender that works just like a real mixer!  There is no limit to what a child can bake in their kitchen from savory to sweet.  This baking set encourages imagination and role play. Baking teaches children so many vital skills like pouring, measuring, quantities and more.


  • Mixer with twisting dial
  • Flour Bag
  • Sugar Bag
  • Mixing Bowl

Material: Wood, Water based paint

Ages: 3+

The Hape Mix and Bake Blender is a proud recipient of the 2011 Creative Child Preferred Choice Award and the 2011 Parents' Choice Recommended Award.