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Build a colourful trail of 100 wooden dominoes. Add a bridge, bell, rails, and assorted tricks. Tap one rectangle and watch them all come tumbling down.

Build your domino race full of extra play value then watch them come tumbling down. Crisp and clean, bright and well sized for little hands.

This is a wonderful STEM toy which allows a child to learn through play.


  • 107 pieces
  • 100 dominoes
  • 7 bonus trick add-on pieces for single or multiple kid play action.

Materials: Wood, Water based paint, ABS, TPE, Metal

Ages: 3+

The Hape Dynamo Dominoes Set is a proud recipient of the 2015 Eltern Urbia Consumer Award.  

  • The Eltern Urbia Consumer Award is given to products concerning children which are getting more exciting and innovative.  This prize stands out because it is given to products that are interesting and recommendable and has notable redevelopments. This award helps to provide guidance to families regarding their shopping decisions