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I cannot express in words how much I love the Grimm's Rainbow.  It is epitome of open-ended play. My toddler loves her rainbow (nearly as much as mom does).  It has played many different roles in her pretend play.  The rainbow has been a swing, a bed, a tunnel, an elephant trunk and more!

The large rainbow is a very versatile toy: the little ones stack, build and sort. When the children are older you can use the arches to weigh dolls, build fences, tunnels, bridges, houses and sculptures, and and... The large rainbow will always be imaginatively integrated into the game, watch what your child invents with it!

This product has been awarded the "spiel gut" seal.  Germany's most prestigious toy honour.

Material: Linden wood, varnished in color.

Contains: 12 wooden pieces

Dimensions: 355-365 mm (L), 170-180 mm (H) 

Grimm's organically designed Rainbow is hand-sawn from one single piece of wood which requires a lot of experience to do this work free hand. This leads to an asymmetrical construction, resulting in a more pleasant, natural appeal in comparison to using precise, symmetric stencils. Therefore, individual arcs may need to be rotated to obtain a perfect fit! It is exactly what makes their toy so special and each one unique.

Grimm's are a sustainable wood manufacturer at the foot of the Swabian Alb , which produces high-quality and safe wooden toys.

When developing products, they are guided by Waldorf education and other educational reform approaches, such as Montessori.