Freckled Frog | Learning Fractions - A Maths Puzzle

Freckled Frog

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This one is a great way to introduce mathematical concepts through play. Children can use their problem-solving skills to complete the puzzle.  When they are ready and are showing interest, you can begin to discuss the concepts of fractions and talk about how many pieces make up a whole, half and quarters, for example. A great toy that can be used as a simple puzzle in the early years and reintroduced when children are ready to learn about mathematical concepts. This set contains fractions from 1 whole to 1/10.

  • 56 piece set.
  • Approximately 18 cm in diameter and 4cm high.
  • Made with FSC certified beech wood.
  • Contains fractions from 1 whole to 1/10.

Ages: 2+