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In this Flockmen Family set you will get 30 carefully crafted and 100 % natural Flockmen in 10 different sizes (x3 each size).

Flockmen Family perfectly fits in a Montessori or Waldorf prepared environment. They are open-ended, undefined wooden toys, designed to enrich playing experience. You can use them for pretend and role-play to develop social skills. This is a perfect tool for teachers and psychologists to attract attention, start conversation or understand kids' feelings through characters.

It is also a great learning resource, which gives you an opportunity to use them in counting and maths. 10 different sizes help to understand better early counting basics (1 - 10).

They help to improve balancing, hand-to-eye coordination and fine motor skills while exploring creativity and imagination. They are perfect for little hands, designed to be impossible to swallow so it is safe to play around babies as well.

We know Flockmen are stacked, tessellated, pushed over and often hit the ground, so we've designed our toys for maximum durability. We use strong Baltic Birch timber which is known for its ability to withstand wear-and-tear, and resistance to shock and splitting. 

To ensure they continue to last, we also include care instructions with each set. All our Flockmen are CE certified. Please note that the exact colour of wood may vary due to the natural variations in the wood.


  • 30 Flockmen figurines: set of Flockmen Family includes 10 different sizes of Flockmen figurines (x3 each size). The smallest one is 45 mm, but the largest is 118 mm tall. The regular Flockmen figurine is the 4th smallest size.
  • Portable storage bag: A practical and reinforced natural linen drawstring storage bag to keep your Flockmen safely stored when not in use.
  • An inspiration card: with ideas and resources for how to challenge yourself with Flockmen.mm


  • Various from 45 mm (t) to 118 mm (t) x 13 (thick) mm

Ages: Birth +

Flockmen meet the strict safety recommendations of the EU standards, suitable from birth.