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It’s time for something smashing! Awaken the Architect and Demolition Engineer within every child! It’s time to take ball runs to a whole new level of extreme fun! This uniquely crafted wooden playset has a variety of wooden pieces to play and build with.

Children can design their own ball runs, rolling balls, marbles or cars down a large, steep wooden ramp designed for extra speed! Send the balls flying in the air over wooden jumps or over a bridge! Can you smash down your friend’s or your own construction of wooden domino shaped blocks or wooden figurines? There are no rules to this open-ended play set as children engineer their own courses and create their own smash down games!

This natural learning resource is made from natural pine timber, and every piece is unique. All elements have varying shapes based on how trees naturally grew. This set can also be added to loose parts or combined with blocks.


  • 1 x Large Wooden Ramp & 1 x Stand
  • 2 x different style Wooden Jumps
  • 1 x Large Wooden Bridge
  • 1 x Wooden Bridge/See-saw
  • 5 x Wooden Figurines
  • 4 x Different size domino shaped building blocks
  • Balls in photos are NOT included


  • Designed by an Early Childhood Teacher
  • 15 Wooden Piece set – all pieces crafted by sustainable natural timber
  • It can be used with marbles, cars, wooden balls (Balls in photos not included)
  • Made in Vietnam

Ages: 3+

NOTE: TIMBER PIECES IN SETS MAY HAVE STRESS MARKS, WOOD KNOTS OR NATURAL CRACKS. These marks are expected when using a natural resource such as timber and will not affect how the resource is played with. All pieces have varying shapes based on how trees naturally grew. Therefore many elements are not perfectly shaped and will have these natural markings. Each piece has a character of its own, and each set is in some way unique, with varying shades of colour and shape.