What's in each of the Connetix Tile's Packs?

Let's be honest, we all LOVE Connetix Tiles.  I, ahem, I mean my kids... definitely my kids, LOVE them and I (ahem, I mean we) can't seem to have enough. 

We are often asked which is the best / most popular pack and I always respond that it depends on where you are on your magnetic tiles journey.  Everyone says the most played with tiles are the squares, and I can confirm the same is true for our house.  My nearly 3 year old is going through a stage where she will only use the solid small squares for building houses because the occupants of the house(s) all need to sleep  and therefore there cannot be any windows or doors...  the same goes for the zoos we build.  (Those poor suffocating animals.)

Given this, I thought I could give you a break down of all the Connetix Tiles packs so you can see what's in them and decide what is best for you!

For those of you that are new to Connetix Tiles, the Doors, Fences and Windows are the same size as the small square but are hollow, gate like and cottage pane looking respectively - see image below.

We haven't detailed the contents of the 2 piece base plate and 2 piece car pack as those are pretty self explanatory.  The rainbow ball run contains a number of tubes and 36 small squares with the circular cut out which enables the tubes to be connected to the tiles.  Once the details of the pastel ball run pack have been released we will compare the rainbow ball run pack to the pastel ball run pack.


Remember, we are always here and happy to help with any questions you may have.


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